Minimalism & Streetstyle (for fashionistas only)

Minimalism – the only way to go?

I love when things are simple and chic. A style that never goes out of fashion is your own, unique way to express yourself, your style and who you are. 

Working with content marketing, I know fashion is a great way to communicate with others. It´s a way to tell people what you believe in, who you are and many times your outfit reveals your opinions about politics, art, music, and much more.

To find your own way to dress, one must seek inspiration from others. After all, humans are ment to live in communities, so without each other, well lets say that we´ll totally get lost.

One trend that never goes out of style is streetstyle. Fashionistas, bloggers and editors are mapping the social media-terrain with pics taken with intriguing backgrounds, in crowdy places and from calm and harmonic spots. All to show off their daly look and to inspire others.

Minimalism and streetstyle is a safe card if you´re looking to beat your Pinterest record and Instagram flow. I just love the concept “Less is More”. Think about, you have a few words to tell an story with history, people, elements, and future.
With minimalism it´s the same, with a few, well-chosen pieces you’re telling your story. .

Well there, here are 5 awesome minimalism and chic streetstyle outfits to copy, in case you lack ideas.

5 Minimalist Street Style To Copy
Source: Pinterest


5 Minimalist Street Style To Copy
Source: Pinterest
5 Minimalist Street Style To Copy
Source: Pinterest


5 Minimalist Street Style To Copy
Source: Stella Wants To Die


Love and Cheers!

Merih Thea

"Details is what separates good from great." Merih is founder and editor-in-chief of She is also digital PR & social media strategist for various fashion,- beauty,- and lifestyle brands. You can follow her digital footprints at Instagram @thedigitalstar & Twitter @the_digitalstar. Love & Cheers!

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