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As long as we can remember, fashion has been a great tool used by wealthy people to express opulence. It is also used to set up social norms and status in society and culture.  At the late 1890´s, United States that became populated by folks from around the world and mostly from England and France. It seemed that immigrants left their social values and traditions while settling down in the new country, and did not care about social norms as much as they did whilst in their origin country.

This lack gave Arthur Turnure an idea of a business opportunity and he created a publication that celebrated the “ceremonial side of life”; one that attracts the sage as well as debutante. At the late 1890´s,  fashion & lifestyle magazine Vogue´s history and journey was set off and from its inception, the magazine targeted New York aristocracy, establishing social norms in a country that did not value class and ceremony as much as France or England.

The name Vogue means “style” in French, and in a December 2006 edition of The New York Times, Vogue was described as “the world´s most influential fashion magazine”.

It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.

Alexander McQueen

To embrace Vogue and it´s fantastic and creative and fashionable work, I´ve handpicked magazine covers from 1890 until today to showcase its journey.
It´s just amazing to see the transition that reflects fashion in society and trends, and I believe all Vogue´s magazine covers captures three important ground stones in fashion: Style, Trend & People.

Halloween Cover, 1893
Halloween Cover, 1893


Vogue September 1916
September Issue 1916


Vogue Magazine Cover, May 1920
May issue 1920


Vogue Cover April 1930
Vogue Cover April 1930. The April 1930 issue features a piece by the Hon. Nancy Mitford on the importance of debutantes in British Society, with photographs of fashionable accessories for debutantes shot by Cecil Beaton. Source: Vogue


Vogue Cover 1940
Vogue Cover 1940. In issue above, Vogue woman is instructed on how to handle welcoming back her husband home for leave from the war: “He likes to spend some evenings quietly at home; comfortable chairs; easy, idle talk. You in a dress with a sweeping feminine skirt and gentle colours: Worth’s dinner dress – the skirt in linen, plaided blue, pink and magenta; the bodice in lilac angora discreetly banded with amethyst stones and sequins.” Source: Vogue


Vogue Cover 1950
Vogue Cover 1950. Black and white – more brilliant than colour; symbolic of a black andwhite season. Wide, round, level hat by Lilly Dache. Silk organdiecoat-dress: Larry Aldrich. Scarf by Kimball (all of New York). Source: Vouge


Vogue Cover 1960. Spokesman for black and white, a leading fashion pair: high-pitched turban, angled straight on, in black and white Staron silk, andbow-trimmed at forehead level. At Simone Mirman. Jewellery by Michael Gosschalk. Peggy Sage Americana lips and true red nails. Source: Vogue


Vogue Cover 1970
Vogue Cover 1970. Prettiest new look here now: Saint Laurent’s flower-printed, puff-sleeved jacket in cotton and leather tie choker; £18, £8, Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. Add a low denim skirt; cameo brooch, £35, W. D. Corry, Antique Supermarket. Plaited hair, by Oliver of Leonard, with plait by Tiara Tresses. And this new eye beauty: from Estée Layder’s 1969 Ready-to-Wear Eye Make-up Collection. Photograph by Clive Arrowsmith. Source: Vogue


Vogue Cover 1980
Vogue Cover 1980


Vogue Cover 1980 featuring Helene Christense
Vogue Cover 1980. Paris Couture: Yves Saint Laurent’s white duchesse satin stole, and long black strapless dress, with bodice in silk velvet. Satin by Abraham and silk velvet by Moreau. Silver sequinned earrings by Yves Saint Laurent. All make up by Yves Saint Laurent. Fashion editor: Sarajane Hoare. Hair: Serena Radaelli. Make up: Francesca Tolot; both for Cloutier. Photography: Peter Lindbergh


Vogue Cover 2000
Vogue Cover 2000


Vogue Cover April 2010 featuring Kate Moss
April issue 2010 featuring Kate Moss


Vogue Cover April 2016
April 2016 issue featuring Cara Delevingne


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