The best travel companion to sun-drenched destinations

Travel Essential

After Vogue and sunscreen, Peshtemal beach towels from WKnd Edit are on the top of my holiday travel essential list.
There´s no feeling like embodying the freedom of days spending by the seaside, inhaling the salty ocean breeze and feeling the warm and mild Mediterranean water embrace my body. Well, there is one another.

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Made of pure, highest quality cotton and bamboo in shapes and colors that reflect the traditional and modern turkish hamam heritage, Peshtemal beach towels are super soft, absorbent and quick to dry. Their lightweight and compact size make them perfect travel companions. Did I mention that they are 100% sand-resistant? Basically, you don´t end up coming home with your beach bag full of sand.

Beach Towel - Peshtemal from


Easy to care for

If I don´t have a washing machine in my hotel room, I always wash my Peshtemal for hand and even though they can sometimes end up with stains and grease from everything in between coffee and ice cream (have two kids who also adore my Peshtemal and uses them for everything. Everything.) they always get clean and fresh after handwash.


Beach Towel - Peshtemal from

The best part besides being sand-proof and easy to care? They´re large enough to drape over a sun-drenched lounge and chic enough to wear as a beach scarf or sarong. I´ve had my Peshtemals for years now, and every year there are new memories added with happy, lazy, sun-filled days.

Handmade with love

All Peshtemals from Wknd Edit are hand loomed and made of high-quality cotton or bamboo and comes in various sizes, colors, and patterns. They´re loved by people all over the world thanks to the incredible absorbency, softness and quick drying properties of the fabric.

So a Peshtemal is my best travel companion, what´s yours?


Merih Thea

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