Day 3: The final day of Stockholm Fashion Week

The final and most spectacular day of SFW

Waking up realizing it´s the third and last day of Stockholm Fashion week brings up both excitement and disappointment. Sadly it´s the end of something great, three days full of celebrations and cherishing the Swedish fashion market. I would definitely say SFW is the most fun fashion event of the year, in Stockholm – full of catwalk shows, fabulous events and inspiring, dedicated people. So, when it was time to leave the apartment, for another day filled with fashion and fancy social gatherings, I most certainly had mixed emotions. But now, let´s jump into the summary. First of: The Fashion-talk by Annie Lööf!

11:30-13 Annie Lööf (C) presents talk on sustainable fashion, Berns, Berzelii Park

As the sun rose above Stockholm city it was time to get to the Sustainability Fashion talk by Centerpartiet. The long-awaited talk was hosted at glamorous Berns and was moderated by the party leader Annie Lööf. The speakers consisted of Emilia De Poret, House of Dagmar, Åhléns, Myrorna and The Swedish School of Textiles.

Sustainable fashion is a highly relevant topic to our present and future fashion industry. Did you know for example that we buy 13kg of textile each year, and that we throw away 8kg in our garbage?! And 7 out of 10 Swedes use less than half of the clothes we have in our wardrobes.

Emilia De Poret raised the point that us working in fashion media need to enlighten the consumers to become more clever and aware about how we consume. The consumers are interested in making sustainable purchases but there’s not enough knowledge in how to do so. We should also give our customers inspiring, fun and good-looking alternatives to sustainable fashion.

Unfortunately, House of Dagmar didn’t agree on fact that the consumers are interested in doing sustainable purchases. In general, their impression is that the consumers think it’s still too expensive to buy sustainable fashion. Therefore, brands need to inspire both consumers and other brands to offer timeless clothes with personal design and high quality for a decent price.

Look at how Åhléns work for example; they mark all products with “good choice” that walk that extra mile for sustainability. Åhléns also believe in that fashion producers need to collaborate to do better choices for our world.

Myrorna raised the point that the fashion industry should improve business models that promote the usage of clothing, like borrow-swop-and-rent. Also, there should be more availabilities and opportunities for both manufacturers to produce products from recycled fibers and for consumers to recycle our garments.

On the good hand, the Swedish School of Textiles is currently researching opportunities to produce textile fibers out of the Swedish forest. If we can use our forest to produce textile substance instad of paper pulp, could we then bring back the clothing production industry to Sweden?

I´m pleasantly surprised by the change of awareness regarding fashion not only being trendy and cutting edge but also sustainable. As Kristina Yngwe (environmental spokesperson) said, it´s time for the politicians to step into the world of fashion and show the way for the future of fashion. Which is unquestionably environmentally friendly and as much as possible non-polluting.

12-14 Jewelry and Accessories Lounge, Stockholms Auktionsverk, Nybrogatan 32

Next up was the Jewelry and Accessories Lounge, which is always an inspiring and fun event to attend. This year’s Lounge had a great mix of designers, all with different esthetics. The relaxed environment and art exhibition alike setting presented a bubbly and exciting atmosphere. People walked around the room to see all next season´s cool jewelry/accessories and to chat with each other. A good way to start a great day! I would say it´s the perfect place where you can meet up and have some refreshments while discovering all the fancy creations, before the later on very busy schedule.

And speaking of sustainability, the editorial´s pick from this season´s installations are the newly launched ethical fine jewellery brand Hargreaves Stockholm and the shoe brand Reschia that focuses on strong signature shapes and superior craftsmanship. Did you know that Hargreaves Stockholm has found a way to grow stones, primarily diamonds, using a revolutionary method that harnesses solar power to create the diamonds with zero carbon footprint? They say that “It is important to us to promote real diamonds that are cultivated without the human and environmental toll of mining.

17.00 Daily Routine, Berns Stora Salongen, Berzelii Park

Daily routine, the fourth event of the day, presented a kind of punk dandy-collection in a playful way. The AW17 colour palette is a typical impersonation of a dusty fall day, with shades of black, grey and some touches of red. The collection is inspired by the world we live in and how it´s changing. It wants to tell the story of how to protest silently, to break standards and daring to be your own hero. Which is exactly the core of the brand.

The show was one of the few men’s wear collections presented during SFW. But with their AW17 presentation they showed us why we need to widen the diversity of shows. Because with these cool labels such as Daily Routine, Lazoschmidl and L’homme Rouge men´s wear is now not only for men! With unique and daring concepts, they compete with the other established Scandinavian designers. Plus, with the current “men´s wear trend” they´re even more attractive for both women and men.

Got to say, this last day was really all about sustainability, innovation and the future of fashion. We give thanks for this time, for the most inspiring couple of days since… well, last SFW! Can´t wait til next season!

Love and Cheers!
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