Fashion And Lifestyle Bloggers To Follow

Are you lost in the Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers jungel and need a guide to which one to follow?
Well, we feel the same, and for this reason, we´ve have done some research to find out which fashion & lifestyle blog to follow.
Our mission was simple: We wanted to find bloggers who put effort to create dynamic photos that are well composed and who has a chic & stylish look to share. But most importantly, we were looking for that little extra in their personality.

Scroll down to see our list, and hopefully you´ll like them us much as we do.

#1 Rebecca Fredriksson
Rebecca is a 24 year old gal from Norrkoping, Sweden. She is working as a fashion editor and social media manager. She has received several awards such as Fashion Blogger of the Year (twice) and The most chic blogger. Her blogs shows highlights of high ambitions, focus and tons of positive energy.

Her pictures are lovely and inspirational and her blog is well structured. Rebecca´s taste for fashion shows that she is addicted to trends (like us). We fell in love with this young fellow, hope you´ll like her too ♡ You´ll find her at

Fashion Bloggers
Fashion Bloggers



One of the most interesting fashion & lifestyle blogs we´ve read lately. The three i´s actually stands for the three sisters who run the blog. At Vera III you can read about fashion, art, lifestyle, travel, interior and music. The blogdesign, designed by talented Sanna Preifelt, is clean and simple and it´s easy to get caught in the awesome pictures! They serve with tons of inspiration for home and interior, so if you´re looking for a multi-inspirational blog, here you got one!



#3 Cupcake & Cashmere,

Run by lovely and adorable Emily Schuman, Cupcake & Cashmere is a fashion & lifestyle blog we just love to follow! Her many categories inspires us in our everyday life and her blog consists of tons of awesome pictures, great outfit looks, and a lot of fashion and home interior tips.
Recently, Emily became a mother, and although a baby takes most of one´s time, she continues to deliver inspiration with her blog. 

Photo: Cupcake & Cashmere
Photo: Cupcake & Cashmere
Photo: Cupcake & Cashmere
Photo: Cupcake & Cashmere
Photo: Cupcake & Cashmere


#4 Little Plastic Horses
This blog is all about inspiration! Cat Wallace writes about fashion, art, and everything else in between. The blog is very simple, however, a little bit difficult to navigate through the categories. Yet, we love the way fashion goes a bit hard-core and shows that art and fashion is a great way to show how it should be: Fashion + Art = ♡♡♡





 By: YOUR Fashion Squad ♡





Merih Thea

"Details is what separates good from great." Merih is founder and editor-in-chief of She is also digital PR & social media strategist for various fashion,- beauty,- and lifestyle brands. You can follow her digital footprints at Instagram @thedigitalstar & Twitter @the_digitalstar. Love & Cheers!

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