How To Turn Your New Year Resolution Loosing Weight Strategie From Zero To Hero

How to loose weight

Are you making loosing weight resolutions for 2018? And have you done it previously years but failed? Then keep on reading. In this article I´m going to make it easier for you to not only keep your resolution but also be successful!
I´m going to give you a list of points that will keep you on the right track and become part of the small group of people that successfully achieve their goal. Just copy and paste the list into to your projekt management tool (yes, loosing weight is a projekt. I´m using Evernote, a great app that works for almost anything).

Pick a resolution that´s doable

Give yourself your best shot at success – set a resolution and goal that’s doable — and meaningful too.

A lot of people´s resolution fail because they simple not right and doable. Also, the resolution might be something others or the society expect you to make a change and achieve a goal, not yourself. Make a promise to yourself which is something you want to do, change or achieve. Also, make sure your resolution i realistic.

One strategy I always apply when setting new goals is SMART. That´s an acronym coined in the journal Management Review in 1981 for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. It definitely works for management, but it can also work in setting your resolutions, too.

  • Specific
    Make sure your resolution is clear and concrete. Saying I want to loose weight is not enough. You need to specify how much you want to loose and at what time interval.

Making a concrete goal is really important rather than just vaguely saying ‘I want to lose weight.’ You want to have a goal: How much weight do you want to lose and at what time interval?. Five pounds in the next two months — that’s going to be more effective.” – Katherine L. Milkman, an associate professor of operations information and decisions at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

  • Measurable
    Your goals has to be measurable.  Seeing your success on paper actually motivates you to continue. Write weekly notes in your journal to track data and the progress will be reinforced, no matter what your resolution may be.
  • Achievable
    Take small steps rather a big one too fast because this can leave you frustrated or affect you in a very negative way.
  • Relevant
    Ask yourself if your resolution and goal is relevant for you and if you´re making it for the right reason.

    If you do it out of the sense of self-hate or remorse or a strong passion in that moment, it doesn’t usually last long. But if you build up a process where you’re thinking harder about what’s good for you, you’re changing the structure of your life, you’re bringing people into your life who will reinforce that resolution, then I think you have a fighting chance.” – Dr. Michael Bennett, a psychiatrist and co-author of two self-help books.

  • Time-bound
    Like “achievable,” the timeline toward reaching your goal should be realistic, too. That means giving yourself enough time to do it with lots of smaller intermediate goals set up along the way. “Focus on these small wins so you can make gradual progress,” Charles Duhigg, author of “The Power of Habit” and a former New York Times writer, said. “If you’re building a habit, you’re planning for the next decade, not the next couple of months.”

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Hopefully this guide will help you get started and reach your goal,

Love & Cheers Merih


Merih Thea

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