One of the factors when people decide whether to follow or just scroll on past is the quality of the imagery on your social media account, and this especially applies to Instagram. In this article, I’ve enlisted a few pro tips that will help you and teach you how to take the perfect flat lay photo.

How to take the perfect flat lay photo

For fashion addicts and good outfit hunters, a good outfit post is always drawing attention and may give you likes and new followers, however adding flat lays into your grid can give you more than just followers. If you haven’t caught the #flatlay trend on social media yet, well let’s say that it’s time to do so. Cause flat lays are the new black and you want to take the perfect one and if you want to stay ahead of your Insta-competitors it’s time to master the basics of how to take these eye-catching photos!!  

One of my goals a few years ago was to master photography (still learning, read my article about How to become a digital royalty on Instagram here), and I can’t deny that I’m weak for fat lays. Since I’m a coffee addict I’m sucker for flat lays featuring coffee beans, cups and everything else that has something including coffee. During these years I’ve been searching, scrolling, pushing all the buttons on my iPhone and cameras and I’ve enlisted 5 pro tips for taking a photo that will have people double tapping! So if you want to become the next flat lays master,
keep on reading.

The Elements Of A Good Flat Lay Photo


One of the most important things in photography is lighting. Natural, soft light will help create a clear photo highlighting all the details. Less lighting makes dull photos. Direct sunlight is often to harsh, and artificial lighting can make the whole photography yellow and seem really unnatural. 

Don’t forget to position yourself to avoid lurking shadows in the photo. 

To get the best natural lighting, set up your flat lay scenery near a big window where a natural light will shine through and don’t forget to position yourself to avoid lurking shadows in the photo. 


In photography, composition is everything. Often, the work after the rule ”less is more” is better. You don’t have to fill the entire frame with products, because empty space can work really well, particularly when you want to highlight a specific product. If you have a hero product that needs the most attention, lay this down first and then continue to place bits and pieces around it so as not to distract from the main purpose of the shot!


Choose a background that works well with your brands voice and/or graphic manual. Usually, plain background works best as bold backgrounds can drown out the items you’re trying to highlight. A few things you can use are marble bench tops, wallpaper, wooden floorboards or bed covers. If you’re building a beach related brand, using the beach as a background will give your image an authentic and natural style. 


Make sure to collect props that you can use over and over again. Dried flowers, MacBook, iPhonecases (sustainable ones if possible please), pretty notebooks, cards with quotes, flee market findings. Almost anything can work as long as it’s consistent with your brand voice and graphics.


One of the mistakes many do is to move while taking the image. Even if you can’t feel it, the camera will notice slightest movement and the image will come out as a blurry eyeball-hurting shot. Hold your breath as you take the photo, or if possible use a tripod. 

Good luck with your mission to take the best flat lay, and make sure to tag @wkndjournal on Instagram if you want us to feature your flat lay.

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