Three Reasons You Need A Vacation

I could give you twenty seven, but let’s start with three….

  1. You´re a parent and you haven´t slept past… in…..years. (I´ll let you fill in your own blanks). 
  2. You´ve wiped your countertop 99 times in the past 7 days. ….and you knew this was coming, but YOLO (mom, that’s code for “you only live once”).
  3. You´re working too much and drinking way to much coffee to stay focused. 

Beside on top of those three valid points, there is actually real scientific research out there that says people benefit from vacation. I mean, who wouldn´t enjoy the calming sound of ocean waves, or a traditional cup of coffee in the streets of Istanbul, or a great dinner at the Bosphorus (been traveling a lot to Istanbul lately…). A moment of happiness without a bunch of must makes everything better. 

IstanbulI don´t about you but the past years momming and working have overlapped so much that I sometimes get confused which one is which. Don´t misunderstand me, I´m so grateful for being a mom and a hard working editor, however, sometimes I wish I just could check in to the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, order a bottle of nice wine and surprise my boyfriend with a romantic evening at one of the most magical places in Stockholm. The view from Grand´s terass is amazing and I know he would appreciate as much as I. 

Istanbul in my heart


I do travel once a month and then I always go to my second home in Istanbul. It´s such an amazing city and I´m so thankful for sharing wonderful moments with the person who means the world to me.

Armani Istanbul
Who doesn´t get happy when shopping?

But. Weekend or a week in the city is something. The ocean, beach and enjoying a cold Miller when it´s like 40 degrees Celsius is something else. Fortunate for me, we both love Miller. 

So here I´m, checking out spring vacations spots for us. And a spring vacation is always a good idea. Now this is where this post gets serious. I don´t know where to book our romantic get away! 

After a few phone calls to I agreed that a spring vacation is a very good idea, so here I´m, checking out the latest from the travel agencies. I decided to dig into to what Expedia had to offert since it´s easy to navigate around on their web. They are after all experts in hot spots around the globe. 

After choosing the type of vacation you are seeking whether it be snow, food, family, fun, beach, shopping…we´re definitely going for the beach….

Beach towel
Peshtemal from

I few hundreds dollars later I´m enjoying my ginger lemon thé, scrolling through my travel plan and calling my boyfriend about the trip and hoping that he did not have other plans for spring.

So there. Expedia, thank you. Aruba, here we come!

Love & Cheers, Merih

This post is contains affiliate links for Expedia.

Merih Thea

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