Morning routines for champs

Even though I´m not a morning person, my job makes me get up (too) early every single morning to the sound of Magic Mornings. However, for a few months ago I decided not to let the bad mood set the course of my day.  So I changed my mental status about mornings, and improved my too-early-in-the-day routines. No more are stressful mornings going to ruin my days.

And here are 7 tricks to help you have better days, improved lifestyle and a happier you.


#1 Preparation

Yes, we all know it. Preparation is the key to success. Plan and prepare as much as you can the night before. Lay out your outfit in advance, plan your breakfast and lunch for the next day. Every kind of preparations will save you precious time, so instead of stressing around you´ll just sit back and enjoy a calm morning.

Morning Routines


#2 If you snooze, you loose!

Stress has bad impacts on everybody and anything. Instead of snoozing, just get up. Get up from the bed, head over to your coffee brewer, and while waiting for your first, perfect cup of coffee, stretch a bit. This routine will definitely set the tone for the day.

Coffee shot

# 3 Let it shine
Our brains are just amazing When it´s light, we automatically adjust our body for days, the light tells your brain that it’s time to wake up and to stop produce the sleep hormone melatonin. So, when you wake up, turn on the lights and pull back your curtains and let the light stream glow up your mood.

Morning Routines

# 4 Move away from your smartphone
Your new morning routines should be reserved just for you. Your emails, facebook notifications and other social media can wait. Your phone will only eat your time and distract you from doing important things.

# 5 Enjoy your breakfast
It´s quite simple actually. When you eat, just eat. Think about how great your breakfast is. Grab a paper magazine and read the news. Just take your time and enjoy a nice, healthy and tasty breakfast.



# 6 Playlist for morning champs
Music has a great impact on our mood. Not only can it alter your future mood, it changes the present, it helps learning abilities and increases focus. Most importantly, music can make us calm down.

Headphones from Urban Ears
Headphones from Urban Ears

# 7 Always keep your bags & purses in the same place
To prevent stress and panic from not knowing where your keys, wallet, purse or bags are, always keep them in the same place. Then you’ll always know exactly where to find your belongings and you can quickly grab them before you go to work.


Wish you all a great day!
Isabelle Burlin
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