A Fashion Editor´s Mini-Guide To Stockholm Fashion Week: Day 2

The talented Valerie kicked off day number two of fashion week with a beautiful and well put-together show. Afterwards we, Vera and I, went backstage because our friend Emma modeled in the show, which made the runway extra fun to watch. I must say going backstage is always way more fun because of the great atmosphere of success there. It’s like a fabulous hurry-scurry of models changing into their clothes, racks everywhere and backstage photographers trying to capture the beauty of the whole mess.

Next up on the schedule was the Swedish School of Textiles show, which is always as fun! I would say this show is one of the more exciting ones since it’s a mix of a couple of very talented designers chosen by a jury. SSoT offered a great variety and I loved some of the more unique and innovated ideas presented on the runway. For example, the opening designer let the models roll down the runway sitting in wheelchairs, which is something I haven’t seen before!

In between shows – Jewelry and Accessories lounge, lunch at Nyko kitchen and touch ups for the night

My primary tip to survive FW is to prioritize a break in-between the different events. To both catch your breath and find time to do touch ups for the upcoming events. I promise you that it will make your FW experience feel way more glamorous and nevertheless you don’t have to worry about your energy dropping.

On the second day of SthlmFW, after the morning shows, we first went to the jewelry and accessories lounge to mingle and look at all new eye-catching details for the next season. Then we lunched at a great place nearby Nybrogatan, where the lounge was set, which is called “Nyko kitchen”. A really chic, modern and friendly place to grab a tasty bite to eat, which I definitely recommend!

20.00 o’clock @ Royal Tennis Club – Björn Borg

A couple of hours later it was finally time for the Björn Borg fashion show. What’s the most exciting about BB’s presentations is that they always stand out from the crowd. As the Björn Borg team said in the pre-show interview (which you may read HERE) “We don’t do fashion shows every season, but when we do, it’s because we have something special to show.” And the show was least to say very special!

I loved the fact that they thought through the whole experience. Many shows during SthlmFW tend to start later than scheduled, Björn Borg solved this problem by arranging av tennis match for the audience to watch, until the show started. Which definitely made the waiting less boring.

If you want to view and read more about the collection – check out our pre-show interview with the Björn borg team!

21.00 o’clock @ F12 – J.Lindeberg

Directly after BB it was time for the J.Lindeberg presentation and afterparty at F12. My friends and I took a taxi and arrived to the club just in time for the presentation to start. First we went into a sort of gallery, with photographs and posters covering the walls, where you could mingle.

Later on we went upstairs for some drinks and great music before the main event started. 10:00 the artist André Saraiva made an appearance in collaboration with the J.Lindeberg launch of issue 3 of their the bridge series. André Saraiva is a painter, most known by his graffiti-artist alter ego, the tag Mr. A and for his concept “Love Graffiti.” During the event he painted grafitti for the guests to watch. He also painted grafitti on guest’s jackets, bags and likewise, which I must say was a really cool twist.

Want to read about the rest of our Fashion Week experience? Then stay tuned for day 3 recap! (And for more pictures and updates follow editors @joykarlstrom and @veraekdahl on Instagram)

Featured image: highsnobiety.com

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