How to update your wardrobe without spending a fortune

Update your wardrobe

December is doubtlessly the most expensive month of the year and even though I get excited about christmas and new year, hanging out with family and friends, my wallet is so glad december is finally over! I’ve now opened a whole new chapter and set new goals and aspirations for 2017. One of my goal is to shop smarter, and since many of us shopping-cravers most likely has stretched the budget to the limit, it’s time to plan and shop like a pro.

To be a fashion lover and fashionista doesn’t always mean to shop the latest. On the contrary, for me many times shopping is about doing smart choices. Also, I always have the environment in mind when updating my wardrobe for a new season so I don’t actually always come home with fancy shopping bags filled with new stuff. Think re-use and -re-fund and you’ll have a better world and happier financial situation.

In addition, due to lack of money, upgrading and buying new clothes may have low priorities, especially after spending too much on christmas gifts. For many, shopping brings joy and happiness, and even though the budget is low, we all deserve to feel fab and chic once in a while.

So therefore,  I´ve listed a few super easy hacks to help you spice up your wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Closet Clean out

#1 Make a closet detox
How many different sweaters do you really use in a week? Well, I can go on and ask about every little piece, from jeans to knits, however, let´s skip the questioning part and head over to the cleaning!
In order to see What you actually Use, pull out everything from your wardrobe, put the pieces in five piles: keep, fix, throw away, donate, sell. Doing this will give you a clear picture of what you really have, and what you really need.

#2 Check the fit
Before you decide what to keep or not, you need to check the fit on everything. 10 pair of jeans bought 2 years ago (that you´re still waiting for to fit) should be tossed away. We all know that losing weight to fit a pair of jeans isn´t working. Instead, eat well and exercise more and loose weight for a healthier lifestyle, not to be skinny (just saying).

#3 Swap clothes with your friends
Before you sell, donate or throw anything away you should meet up or invite your friends and tell them to bring some of their clothes too. Swapping clothes, shoes and accessories with your friends is a smart way to upgrade your wardrobe. You’re also getting rid of things you don’t want anymore. It’s a win for everyone!

#4 Clothing makeover
A clothing makeover is a super easy way to upgrade your wardrobe. The possibilities are many, you just need to use your creativity!

#5 Use scissors
Using a pair of scissors can really do a big difference. For example, you can cut off the edges of your jeans, or create a nice ”ripped knee look”. You can easily turn a tight dress into a nice and beautiful set of a top and skirt by cutting it into two pieces.

#6 Distress your denim
Use sandpaper to get that ”rough” feeling on your denim. Also, watch our video for a full guide.

#7 Paint, add glitter & patches
To get a playful and personal touch on your items you can use paint, glitter or patches on almost everything. Tired of a pair of basic sneakers or a pair of pumps? Put some glitter on it and make them sparkle again!

#8 Embroidery
Use a needle and thread to embroider a text on a shirt, hoodie, bomber jacket or simple t-shirt. I just love this easy trick!

Good luck with your wardrobe transformation!

BY: Isabelle Burlin

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